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Skill and Empowerment

Various programs are organized by YTCF so that the ladies can support themselves and support their families.


Sewing classes were first started here in which midi, chania choli, dress plajos etc. are taught.

After the success in Dabhoi, Khadi center was started in front of Dabhoimaj railway station, after which sewing classes were also started in Dholar, Karnet, Panasoli, Seemlia villages in which more than 140 sisters have benefited so far.


A Beauty Parlor was started by Binaben at Ekta Center Dabhoi. she teaches Hair, Body-Massage, Hair Spa etc. More than 79 ladies have benefited so far.


Another course Mehdi class was started on 05/09/2022 at Ekta Center for ladies


Keeping in mind that nowadays we cannot live without computers, so a computer class was started at Ekta Center in which work like BASIC CCC was taught. So far more than 47 have benefited.