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YTCF believes that knowledge of education is essential for every child to move society and country forward. 'Sarvadharma Samabhav' and holistic values based education is the approach for holistic development of every child. A Closer Look at YTCF's Selfless
Shishumandir, primary education, upper primary focuses on developing holistic education with the initiation of following categories (activities) for education and raising healthy children.

PRAYER :- We start each day with prayer followed by group discussions to test children’s knowledge along with imparting knowledge and moral values. SUPPLEMENTARY EDUCATION :- The students who are going into school, they are getting additional coaching of their syllabus in our centres free of cost. In different canters of YTCF, we have divide whole education session into 3 part.
  • Shishu Mandir (10.00 am to 12.00 pm),
  • Primary Education (Class 1 to 5) (5 am to 6.30 am)
  • Upper Primary Education (Class 6 to 8) (6 pm .30 to 8.00 hours)
Centers in slum areas and rural areas impart primary education from class 1 to 5 along with development of moral values of the child and also provide educational kits to economically backward children.

ANNAPURNA:- Annapurna provides hot and nutritious breakfast to the children of Shishu Mandir every day. And primary and upper primary level children are provided hot and nutritious breakfast twice a week. By which physical development of children can take place.

PAHEL:- Pahal means “Beginning”. We help children with deficiencies in Reading, Numeracy and Writing to strengthen the foundation of primary education and make competent students by teaching basic education.

SPORTS ACTIVITY :- Every student of grades 1 to 5 participates in a weekly sports period. We encourage children of every grade to excel in teamwork, focus, concentration, sportsmanship and commitment. A group sports day is celebrated once a year to promote awareness of their physical development.

CELEBRATION OF FESTIVALS:- We celebrate various festivals of each religion based on ‘Sarvadharma Sambhava’ so that children understand the importance of different religions, learn about different belief systems ,  Understand cultural systems and enjoy celebrations.

PICNIC / TOUR :- We visit various places related to the curriculum and give information about it which includes class 3rd to 8th. And once a year we organize a tour of all the children of the center. So that all the children get to know each other and get to know each other and their curiosity can be enhanced.