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Annapurna is derived from Sanskrit meaning the giver of food and nourishment. Anna (अन्न) means "food" or "grains" and pūrṇa (पूर्ण) means "full. YTCF is believe that “No person in our society should go hungry.” Therefor YTCF helps to society by three types.

1.Serving Of Food Dish:

On occasion of any festival and any life events(Birthday, Marriage anniversary, Death anniversary etc.) YTCF served the Gujarati Dish or Panjabi Dish food to Poor and Needy People.

2.Grocery Kit Distribution :

YTCF is serve the grocery kit to selected needy people of society. There are Rice, Dal, Tea,pulse, Oil etc. include in the kit.

૩.Nutrition Day celebration:

 Ytcf is celebrate Nutrition Day with the students once a week. The Nourishing food provides to students in all YTCF centres and villages.

4.Tifin Seva:

YTCF is provide a food tifin for An elderly person and Who is baseless.